The shape of our designs is born from strong feelings.
The shape of our designs is born from strong feelings. Design is the language that makes manifest ideas and passions. For only in this way may we create collections that are rich in mystery, sensuality and intimacy. Telling a tale, lending each story a physical and material form.
Each of our collections is the child of a story of old, every design tells a tale.
We create kitchens as kitchens are at the heart of every home, the one piece you can never be without, but we have taken things a step further. We have transformed our kitchens making them not so much “irreplaceable” as “irresistible”, this is what we have made our true mission. Being irresistible. At Aster we have moved our goals to focus on our clients. Our mission is to create fabulously irresistible designs. Showing our skill at creating attractive designs that are sure to arouse strong feelings. Ours is an economy of “attraction”. We are all attracted to the familiar. A strong empathy with our clients is what inspires us. Which is why all of our collections have tales to tell, and why we are influenced by the times we live in, and by those who choose our products.

That is what our mission is all about.


Our made in Italy Why our made in Italy ? Precisely because it is ours, because it is simply not true that anything “made in Italy” will necessarily be beautiful, that is how we see it. Our Italian design is born out of our culture, our history and our ability to work with different materials, and to do justice to the full potential of each material shaping it into different forms. At Aster Cucine we are proud of our heritage and proud to raise its profile showing off the best that Italian design has to offer.