When we design a kitchen, we also consider the context where it will be installed, taking care over every tiniest detail to ensure it fits perfectly into your world. This is essential to create a unique kitchen, in harmony with space and time.

Its associations with prestigious designers mark out the stages in Ernestomeda’s history. Giuseppe Bavuso, Andreucci&Hoisl, Marc Sadler, Rodolfo Dordoni, Pietro Arosio, Castiglia Associati, Carlo Bartoli and Zaha Hadid, partner in the development of Z.Island, a revolutionary, futuristic kitchen. The company’s experimentation, fervid imagination and unstoppable drive led to the futuristic events with Jean Nouvel, designer of the Corian® Nouvel Lumières, a living-room with surfaces in materials that establish original dialogues in light, and with the AquiliAlberg firm, creators of Tron designs Corian®, the concept kitchen featured in the exhibition dedicated to the film Tron, in association with Disney® and DuPont™.