Manufacture and Know-how

The Mittel Company was established in Follina, in the province of Treviso, in 1994. The conceptual innovation introduced by the founder consists of freeing kitchens from the restraints posed by models and meeting every requirement through the turnkey manufacturing of modern kitchens, thereby dedicating individual attention to each and every customer.

Every stage of production of Mittel products follows very precise rules to ensure no detail is overlooked: from those designed by its highly specialised technical department right through to the actual manufacturing stage, which is based on criteria that combine traditional workmanship with innovative techniques.

Research and Materials

All the possible solutions for each piece of furniture in a Mittel kitchen are studied to combine product functionality with aesthetics, in the search for the most cutting-edge technological solutions.

Materials are selected with special attention being paid to their environmental impact, choosing those complete with FSC certification, in other words those that contain wood from forests that have been managed responsibly, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Many treatments, such as varnishing and lacquering, are processed by consolidated third-party Company partners selected for their experience and accurate workmanship, which fit in perfectly with the Mittel philosophy.